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Cartman calls Stan a ‘sissy’. The state of one’s gender is in question on an all-new episode of “South Park” titled “The Cissy,” premiering Wednesday, October 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. Stan is searching for answers about how a person who he’s always known to be one thing could suddenly identify with another. In the meantime, the pressure of holding on to a giant secret is starting to get to Randy.

Please tell me that the misspelling of the word sissy is for some reason other than the one im thinking of

Nvm I just read this again and I am thoroughly disgusted. South park is going to bring the “anti sjw” sentiment/pseudo-political bullshit into the mainstream and frankly im kind of terrified. Remember what happened when south park aired the episode promoting “kick a ginger day”? This is just going to make the amount of violence against trans and queer ppl spike up. I already know it will. I’m honestly very scared.

Oh GOD I’m so excited for this episode

Thank god South Park is doing an episode mocking SJWs! Once again South Park is showing that the best way to deal with colossal idiots is to mercilessly lampoon them.


South Park has always played both sides of the coin to show how bad both sides can be.  I’m interested to see what they think and how they weigh in on what’s quickly becoming a very important, very dynamic, and very controversial topic.

Or rather, I would be interested if it was 2008 and South Park was still fucking relevant or funny.

The episode was actually -very- good

> When South Park mocks self-righteous Republicans

"OMG so true south park is just so on point about everything and their message is so great"
> When South Park mocks them
"this shit show hasn’t been funny in years who even watches it anymore?"






If you don’t watch South Park or like the show then why the fuck do you have a blog dedicated to it

People in sp tag: they did so well last week what happened?
Me: it's fucking South Park.
People: ya bu--
Me: shh there are better things to fight for like justice for ferguson.
People: bu--
Me: shhhhh

"i SAID what games u got on ya phone"


"i SAID what games u got on ya phone"

Great episode!!  I laughed harder than I did at any episode this season.

Weeb from the past


Okay, so this story is not very horrific, more of a “oh yeah i can relate” one, but it was memorable nonetheless.

A little background first. In Pre-K and Kindergarten, there was a girl in my class (let’s call her Sally) who I was friends with, but back then, you were sort of friends with everyone because you were like, four. So Sally didn’t get along too well with others, they all sort of made fun of her if I recall from that long ago, but I seemed to be her only friend. I liked her enough, but after Kindergarten Sally left the school because the school was going to hold her back a grade and her mother didn’t want that.

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